Austin Talley is an 8th generation Texan, a Christian, a veteran, and true conservative.

Representing the great state of Texas, Austin proudly wore the military uniform of the United States Navy and Army for a total of thirteen years. While serving in the U.S. Navy, stationed at Naval Station Roosevelt Roads in Puerto Rico, Austin discovered his chain of command had been, for more than seven years, stealing military goods and selling them at the local market. Austin stood up for what was right by reporting the corruption where his efforts resulted in an end to the theft of government property. Austin then worked within the national intelligence community for nearly a decade where he was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. As a program manager within the Intelligence community, Austin successfully directed a multi-million dollar budget and managed hundreds of personnel.

Following his military service, Austin worked in local government for the City of Austin. During his time at the City he uncovered an $8.8 million deficit in a single City department. Austin reported this gross misappropriation and the City moved to minimize the exposure of gross negligence by refusing to comply with their obligation of transparency to the City Council and to municipal constituents.

Austin noticed a pattern of years of discrimination claims against the City and took action by campaigning for a third-party auditor to investigate the last five years of discrimination claims. Again, Austin defended his fellow Texans against government abuse and overreach by proving the City of Austin did not operate within State or Federal employment laws. It is his own experiences of government negligence and corruption motivating Austin to run for public office.

Family Heritage

Austin’s is a member of a long line of brave Texans’ to serve our country.

James Clinton Neill

Neill entered the Texas militia as a captain of artillery. When fighting began, Neill was at the center of the action. On October 2, 1835, he was a participant of the skirmish at Gonzales. John Holland Jenkins recorded that Neill actually “fired the first gun for Texas at the beginning of the revolution”-the famous Gonzales “Come and Take It” cannon.

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Yorick D. Mathes

A World War I veteran was commissioned by President Herbert Hoover to start the Veteran Administration aimed to provide care and assistance for those who honorably served our county.

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Don W. Talley

His Father is an Air Force Veteran, Class of 77’ University of Texas and Class of 93’ Texas A&M International, twenty-three year law enforcement Special Agent (Ret.).

Austin is currently seated on the Board of Our Digital Heroes Foundation; is a Lifetime Member of the NRA; and proud member of the American Legion.

About Austin Talley

Austin Talley is an 8th generation Texan, a Christian, a veteran, and true conservative.  Austin proudly served the United State of America and the great State of Texas for 13 years in military uniform.

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